Internationally recognized environmental, working and socaial standards.

To comply with legal requirements, protection from accidents and fires, first aid and emergency care, we maintain an extensive organization for the prevention and treatment by qualified safety and rescue professionals.
FEYCOLOR is committed to workplace safety and health protection its employees and neighbors. Awareness of safety at work is through training and get sharpened. This is true both for the safety of their own as an foreign employees. This includes the careful education of customers, administrative and medical services on safety measures and potential risks through careful marking, accurate safety data sheets and an unambiguous instructions. In addition FEYCOLOR works closely with the professinal association of chemistry and other community authorities. The employees of our company provide a substantial contribution to the implementation of this far-reaching goals. Only with their assistance and activities, we can solve the task in the field of safe working.

The health of our employees is of prime importance. In addition, safe equipment and qualified staff are important to produce trouble-free. This is the basis for the trust which the public put on our company. We keep the anchoring and compliance of internationally recognized labor and social standards at our location transparent and verifiable.