Responsible Care.

FEYCOLOR is actively involved in the "Responsibel Care" program, a global voluntary initiative, which was developed in independent responsibility of the chemical industry. It represents the will of the chemical industry to act responisbly to people and environment. Chemical companies undertake its activities in the assigned areas of environmental protection, occupational safety health and safety, plant safety, product stewardship, logistics and the dialouge with its neighbors and the public to continuously improve - regardless of legal requirements.

The basic idea of Responsible Care was developed in the U.S. and Canada in the late 80s. A fist german Responsibel Care program was the Chemical Industry Association (VCI) in 1991. Meanwhile participate the world´s 42 states on their national chemical associations with own programms on the international Council of Chemical Associations regularly reported in summary.

At the annual reporting of the VCI about the german activities on Responsible Care are currently 800 chemical companies involved, which represents 80% of sales and employees of the chemical industry.

In essence "Responsible Care“ is not a new, stand-alone program, but a summary of all activities that contribute to the development, production and marketing of chemicals, to make them safer and environmentally friendly - under one trademark.

The most important element of our environmental policy is the economic equivalent of objectives and environmental protection. To achieve our objectives, we assume social responsibility to protect our natural environment and consider this as a challenge.