February 2024

Change in the management of Feycolor GmbH

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
we are very pleased to inform you that FEYCOLOR GmbH has expanded its management as of February 20, 2024.
As part of the succession planning for the existing Managing Director, Mr. Rolf Dürschmidt, Mr. Marcus Preußner has been appointed as an additional Managing Director of FEYCOLOR GmbH.
Mr. Preußner, currently Head of Sales at FEYCOLOR, has almost 20 years of experience in the sale of coating materials and, as former Managing Director of WB Coatings, has all the prerequisites to lead the company into a successful future.
We congratulate Mr. Preußner on his new position and wish him much skill and luck for the successful management of the company.
Kind regards
Rolf Dürschmidt - Managing Director

February 2024

WB Coatings on the world's largest telescope

The Extremely Large Telescope (ELT for short) of the European Southern Observatory ESO is considered to be groundbreaking for space exploration. The giant telescope is currently being assembled in Chile, where it is due to go into operation in around five years' time. It will then be the world's largest telescope for visible and infrared light.
For the coating of the steel structure, ESO opted for paints from WB Coatings (a brand of the Mipa Group since 1 January 2023). The biggest challenge in selecting the right paint was to create the deepest possible black, dull matt surface to minimise scattered light and prevent disruption during operation. With a robust epoxy primer, a PU topcoat and the matching clearcoat from WB Coatings, it was possible to fulfil the extensive requirements. Because the construction was carried out by an international consortium, the WB products were supplied to two participating companies in Spain and Italy. The individual steel components were coated there before being delivered to Chile for assembly.
When planning the steel structure, the focus was on keeping the telescope stable under all conditions, including strong winds or earthquakes. The structure must be absolutely stable to keep the components and equipment precisely aligned. At the same time, however, it must be light enough so that the gigantic ELT does not collapse under its own weight.
The ELT will have a ground-breaking optical design with five mirrors, including a huge 39 metre main mirror consisting of 798 hexagonal segments. Another mirror will adaptively adjust and correct distortions caused by air turbulence by changing its shape around a thousand times per second. The telescope is located on Cerro Armazones, a 3046 metre high mountain in the Chilean Atacama Desert. Engineers and craftsmen are currently working there to assemble the structure of the telescope dome. In the meantime, the steel dome has already taken on the round shape, which is typical for telescope domes. The six laser sources, another key component in the ELT's optical system, have now also been manufactured and delivered to ESO for testing. According to ESO, all other systems and components required for the completion of the ELT are also currently making progress in their development or production.
Construction of the ELT began nine years ago with the ground-breaking ceremony in Chile. The remaining 50% of the project is expected to be completed much faster than the construction of the first half of the ELT.
The first light images are expected in 2027.

A visualisation shows what the Extremely Large Telescope will look like after completion. Photo: ESO/L. Calçada The steel structure coated with WB paint is currently visible. Photo: ESO/G. Vecchia

June 2023 

Information on the Regulation on the Restriction of Diiscocyanates

Dear Sir or Madam,

The European Commission has amended Annex XVII of the REACH Regulation (EC) (new No. 74) with Regulation (EU) 2020/1149, which entered into force on August 24, 2020.
After August 24, 2023, diisocyanates shall not be used industrially or commercially, either as a substance or as a constituent in other substances or mixtures, unless,

  1. the concentration of diisocyanates individually and in combination is less than 0,1 % by weight or
  2. the employer or self-employed person ensures that industrial or professional users have successfully completed training on the safe use of diisocyanates prior to using the substance(s) or mixture(s).

In the last months FEYCOLOR has revised the delivery programs of FEYCOLOR and WB-Coatings regarding the fulfillment of the above mentioned point 1. and therefore many products do not require training.

Below you will now find an overview of all products that contain less than 0.1% by weight of diisocyanates.
No training is required
for these products!


REDOCRYL Härter 200                                      FEYCOPUR Härter 433
REDOCRYL Härter 210                                         FEYCARBON Härter 450
REDOCRYL Härter 300                                      FEYCOPUR Härter 465
REDOCRYL Härter 402                                      FEYCARBON PU Härter 500
REDOCRYL Härter 400                                      FEYCOPUR Härter 617
FEYCOPUR Härter 10                                      FEYCOPUR Härter 621
FEYCOPUR Härter 11                                      FEYCOPUR 624 MRO Spezialhärter
FEYCOPUR Härter 210                                      FEYCOPUR Härter 626
FEYCOPUR Härter 279                                      FEYCOPUR Härter 649
FEYCRYL Härter 280                                      FEYCOPUR HS Härter 85


WB Coatings

WB4400-002    UHS-Katalyt           WB5400-008    PUR Plus Katalyt Platinum dry
WB5000-001    PUR Katalyt Standard           WB5400-015    PUR Plus Katalyt matt schnell
WB5000-003    PUR Katalyt Bonding           WB5400-016    PUR Plus Katalyt medium dry
WB5000-005    PUR Katalyt Standard BC           WB5600-006    PUR HS Katalyt Standard
WB5000-009    PUR Katalyt Universal           WB5600-007    PUR HS Katalyt schnell
WB5000-018    PUR Katalyt           WB5700-005    PUR Katalyt Standard
WB5000-019    PUR Katalyt Platinum Dry           WB5700-007    PUR Katalyt ESD
WB5000-055    PUR Katalyt ESD           WB5800-003    PUR E/A Katalyt
WB5100-001    PUR A DS Katalyt Standard           WB6600-001    PUR Aqua Katalyt
WB5400-001    PUR Plus Katalyt           WB6700-004    AQUAPUR Katalyt
WB5400-002    PUR Plus Katalyt schnell           WB6700-006    AQUAPUR Katalyt
WB5400-004    PUR Plus Katalyt matt           WB6800-007    AQUAPUR Katalyt


Please ask us specifically if the hardener / catalyst you use is not listed in the chart.


December 2022

FEYCOLOR will take over a significant part of the business operations of Warnecke & Böhm GmbH on behalf of the Mipa group as of 01.01.2023 and will continue the WB Coatings brand, product range and customer relationships of Warnecke & Böhm.

For further information see:



August 2022

New: FEYCOPOX 518 2K EP HS EG Primer


Product Description

Solvent containing 2K micaceous iron zinc phosphate primer based on epoxy resin

Typical Uses

Primer and intermediate Coating for steel, machine and plant construction, as well as for pipeline and container construction for usage in aggresive environment


Fast drying and recoatability even at low temperatures (starting at 5°C with fast hardener)

with high volume solids and low VOC content, very good corrosion protection with excellent adhesion to steel or aluminium, overcoatable with all conventional or water reducible one- and two-component paints


Temperature resistance up to 150°C (dry) and up to 80°C (damp), excellent chemical and mechanical resistance

You can find more details in the technical data sheet


March 2022

The new FEYCOLOR product ranges 2022 are available now.

You can find all product ranges for download here.


December 2021

FEYCOLOR takes over rala Lackfabrik GmbH as of 01.01.2022

Rala Lackfabrik GmbH has been an independent subsidiary of MIPA SE since June 2018. In the context of the integration into the Mipa Group, there was an increasingly close cooperation between rala Lackfabrik GmbH and FEYCOLOR GmbH in the areas of sales, production and development.

Due to this development and the decision of the previous managing director of rala Lackfabrik GmbH, Mrs. Martina Pfeil, to leave the company at the end of the year, the board of directors of MIPA SE has decided to integrate rala Lackfabrik GmbH into the business of FEYCOLOR GmbH as of 01.01.2022. The location in Rastatt with the known contact persons and employees will be continued.

Through this step, far-reaching synergies in sales, product portfolios, development and production can be achieved, which should contribute to an even better service for our customers and at the same time mean additional job security for the employees at the Rastatt site.


June 2021

New: FEYCONIT 394 Hydro DTM Coating

Waterborne 1K AC direct to metal coating with active corrosion protection as protective coating.
For renovation or maintenance work indoors and outdoors for e.g. steel structures, tanks, pipes, containers, roof surfaces, wall ceiling claddings etc.

Very good adhesion to steel, galvanized steel and aluminum, easy to apply in thick coats and up to 60°C substrate temperature, fast drying, especially suitable for airless application HIGH UV, weather and water resistance, early water after 12 h Temperature resistant up to 70°C (dry) - briefly up to 130°C.


April 2021

New: FEYCOPOX 581 2K EP Casting Resin 600


Is a newly formulated solvent-free 2K EP casting resin, which has been developed in combination with FEYCOPOX 581 Hardener 600 for use in woodwork, model and boat building, mould making, casting of e.g. jewellery, shells etc.

For the construction of epoxy resin tables, there is now FEYCOPOX 581 Hardener 610 (slow), which, with a slower reaction speed, enables stress-free and bubble-free curing even when using larger quantities of casting resin mixture.



  • Crystal clear, transparent and air bubble free surfaces
  • Pouring up to 50 mm thickness possible
  • hard, polishable surface
  • improved UV resistance, thus even lower tendency to discolouration.



September 2020

FEYCOLOR protects the highest carousel in the world

The world's highest carousel was opened last week in the Skyline Park, the largest amusement park in Bavaria. With a height of 142 meters, the “Allgäuflieger” is higher than the Frauenkirche in Munich (99 meters) and almost as high as the Ulm Minster (161 meters). The coating of the carousel was carried out with FEYCOLOR protective coatings. This means that the „Allgäuflieger“ is ideally protected against corrosion and impacts such as wind and weather.

© Allgäu Skyline Park - Facebook


August 2020

NEW: RELAFLOOR coating system for underground garages tested to OS8.

The RELAFLOOR parking garage system OS8 for the coating of the floor surfaces of underground garages, consisting of RELAFLOOR 1570 2K EP HS EP universal primer and RELAFLOOR 3560 2K EP HS coating fulfills the requirements of DIN V 18026 according to DIN EN 1504-2 of the test class OS8 (See test report P11599 from KIWA GmbH Polymerinstitut in Flörsheim)

For details, please refer to the accompanying flyer.

March 2020

NEW: Information to Corona Virus

All Information to the Corona Virus can be found here


May 2019

NEW: FEYCOLOR fire protection systems for steel

With over 60 years of experience in corrosion protection, FEYCOLOR offers innovative and reliable products in one of its traditional core areas. With Nullifire, tremco illbruck offers a proven system of environmentally friendly and value-preserving products in the area of fire protection.

The partnership between FEYCOLOR and Nullifire now offers you a system of tested and certified products that meets the requirements for protection, functional and decorative requirements and economic efficiency.

You can find the accompanying info sheet with the product information here or under Downloads.

For questions and / or interest, please contact brandschutz@feycolor.com


February 2019

These days, the first phase of construction of the new administration building was put into operation.
The first section of the new administration building with three floors was built directly adjacent to the existing building with production and filling department. In the future, the production management and the work preparation with production planning and purchasing will be located on the ground floor. The first floor is occupied almost exclusively by sanitary and changing rooms. These rooms are directly connected to the hall area via a new corridor. The second floor contains offices of the laboratory.


January 2019

NEW: RELAFLOOR 2500  2K EP HS Resin For Color Quartz And Stone Carpets

Binder for heavy duty stone carpets and color-quartz coverings indoors for layer thicknesses of 2 - 10 mm and as a sealant for scattered floor coverings with quartz sand or on surfaces sprinkled with color chips.


December 2018

FEYCOLOR partly takes over the business activities of GRÄSOLIN Lackfabrik GmbH on 01.01.2019

FEYCOLOR GmbH in Regensburg has been developing, producing and supplying a large part of the industrial and automotive paint products for the GRÄSOLIN Lackfabrik GmbH as a sister company for more than four years.

Due to this cooperation, the decision was made that with the closure of GRÄSOLIN Lackfabrik GmbH as of 31.12.2018, FEYCOLOR GmbH will take over the direct support and delivery to the customers in the mentioned business areas from 01.01.2019.


November 2018

NEW: FEYCOPOX 581 2K EP Cast Resin 500

Solvent-free 2-pack EP cast resin for use in woodwork, in model and boat building, in mold making, for casting of e.g. jewelry, shells, etc.

Crystal-clear, transparent and air-bubble-free surfaces or castings up to 40 mm thick, has a hard, polishable surface and shows very good UV resistance

Technical data Sheet 581-500 Link


July 2018

FEYCOLOR takes over the industrial paint business of Jakob Hein Lackfabrik in Walsdorf on 01.07.2018

Ms. Gabriele Hein, owner of the Jakob Hein Lackfabrik in Walsdorf, decided to step down and hand over the industrial coatings business.

FEYCOLOR GmbH has been developing, producing and supplying industrial products for Jakob Hein Lackfabrik for more than 15 years. From this situation, it is certainly no surprise that Ms. Hein has decided, to sell the Industrial Coatings sales division to FEYCOLOR GmbH on 30.06.2018.

In the transition phase, Mr. and Mrs. Hein are supportive available.


April 2018

Extension of the certification for sheet 87 to TL / TP-KOR

With FEYCOPUR 643 2K PU EG-ZB, the range of products approved according to Blatt  87 has been expanded to include the 2K PU intermediate coating.

The new brochure can be found here


March 2018

Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015

In December 2017, an audit provided proof that the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 were met.

The current certificate can be found here.


January 2018


ALPOTECT 563 2K EP HS Coating ableitfähig
Solvent-free, electrostatically conductive EP coating for hot spray application.

ALPOTECT 565 2K EP HS Coating ableitfähig
Solvent-free, electrostatically conductive EP coating for airless application

Both products are suitable for internal coating and corrosion protection of tanks, containers, drip pans etc. made of steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

For details about the products please check the relevant technical data sheets.


October 2017


Solvent-borne 1K zinc repair paint pigmented with zinc flakes, for the repair of the surface or defects of hot-dip galvanized workpieces e.g. during transport and assembly or for cold galvanizing of small parts.

Available in the colors: silver grey, light grey and medium grey
Packaging: 250 ml and 750 ml or as spray (aerosol) with 400 ml.

New Filling Line
In October the automatic system for the filling and labeling of cans with a filling volume of 250 - 5000 ml was put into operation.


April 2017

ALPOLAN 638 Graphite Paint in new packaging

ALPOLAN 638 Flyer


December 2016


Thanks to multiple customer wishes, we expand our various information materials in the range of floor coating by our new brochure RELAFLOOR - Substrate and Preparation.

Corrosion Protection

We enlarged our corrosion protection product range:

FEYCOPOX 506 2K EP DS Primer
MR-WGT: 5,6 :1 with Hardener 506
Solvent-free 2K HS EP Primer and intermediate coat

FEYCOPOX 566 2K EP DS-Einschichtlack

MR-WGT: 5,6 :1 with Hardener 566
Solvent-free 2K HS EP DS-Single layer and top coat

Both products are developed for the use in machine and plant construction, in steel work as well as hydraulic steelwork, on pipes and in petro chemistry.

For detailed information, please consult the referring Technical Datasheet.


September 2016

We will exhibit

September is back "automechanika time". From 13 - 09/17/2016 the industry of automotive shows in all facets of their new developments and performance.


April 2016


Accreditation of Blatt 87 according to TL/TP KOR-Steel Structures by the Federal Highway Research Institute BASt

Our certificated coating systems with a minimum of protection of 25 years can be found here .


New Corrosion Protection Brochure

 In the course of the accreditation of Blatt 87 our new corrosion protection brochure comes out concomitantly. Beside our wide product range, you will find additional inf