Research & Development (laboratory).

Research, development and quality assurance are our top priority; this is proven by our staff from the lab day by day new. Only through continuous production monitoring and the development of new paint formulations in our laboratory, we can meet the growing demands for individual solutions in premium quality.

  • The components of our success:
  • Our laboratory team delivers customized solutions through ongoing customer contact and excellent service on site
  • Water-soluble and low-solvent high-solid products are part of our standard program. These products meet all requirements of the applicable regulations, rules and laws for environmental and workplace safety.
  • Feycolor attaches great importance to uncompromising quality in all areas of development, production and application

Through the continuous development of the formulas in our laboratory, it is possible for us to offer our customers tailor-made products and optimal application - and an excellent result at a fair price.

We maintain close contact with our customers to ensure that our solutions fit exactly to their needs and requirements.
Here, our customers especially appreciate that the contact persons remain the same for years.

Our employees remain with the company for decades. This loyalty promoted is through targeted employee development and ongoing training, which keeps our employees up to date.

This continuity in consulting, research and product quality has been FEYCOLOR’s formula for our outstanding reputation over the past 60 years and provide us with the outlook for an excellent future.