1948 Foundation of Dürschmidt Lacke (D).

1950 Foundation of Regensburger Lackfabrik (D).

1952 Foundation of Schekoplast (A).

1955 Foundation of Feyco (A).

1988 Merger of Regensburger Lackfabrik and Dürschmidt Lacke (D).

1994 Merger of Feyco and Schekoplast to FEYCOLOR (A).

1996 Acquisition of FEYCOLOR through the FLH Group.

2000 Acquisition of Regensburger ­Lacke (FKA Regensburger Lackfabrik) by the  FLH Group.

2004 Acquisition of Franken Coatings and integration into Regensburger Lacke.

2007 „NEW FEYCOLOR“ / Regensburger Lacke (D) and FEYCOLOR (A)
operate under a single name on the market.

2008 Concentration of production and administration in Regensburg.

2009 Expansion of the factory premises, launch of the new Logistic-Center.

2013 Start RELAMIX on automatic dosing system.

2014 Acquisition of FEYCOLOR through the MIPA SE.