Special Solutions.

Special applications require special solutions.
FEYCOLOR provides specialities for the following application areas:

Transparent PU coating system for coating carbon fibre in the automotive sector.

Water soluble reflective coating materials for coating vehicle rear lights.

Coating system, consisting of primer, filler and various top coats for coating aircraft propellers.

Construction of gliders

Coating system consisting of primer, putty, filler and special topcoats for the construction and renovation of gliders and motor gliders in wood or composite construction.

Products that are used often by painters.

Special Solutions is divided into the following areas:

Bonding primer for common plastics: ABS, PU (hard and soft), PVC, EP laminate, PA, PBTP, PP / EPDM, PC, POM, etc. Bonding primer on zinc, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, chrome substrates, powder and cathodic dip paint. After preliminary test also for plastics (ABS, GFK, ..) suitable. Coating for exposed carbon fiber parts for interior and exterior in the automotive sector. Coating system for aircraft propellers Coating system for exposed carbon for interior and exterior use, especially in the automotive industry. Coating system for exposed carbon with very fast drying for interior and exterior use, especially in the automotive industry. Construction of gliders Engineering, steel and plant construction. Filler for exposed carbon in interior and exterior applications, especially in vehicle construction Fire protection coating or intumescent coating For fiber- or hardboards, For internal and external use in steel, engine and equipment construction as well as for poles, fences, balustrades, roofs, gutter etc. For protection of foundry models and core boxes For use on paint booths, paint plant, automotive, etc.. High quality floor and wall coating Protection of heat-loaded electronic components against moisture Repair of rusted or galvanized surfaces, e.g. renovation of galvanized roofs Special product for airplane propeller Top and protection coating for engineering, plant- and vehicle construction Topcoat and protective coating with direct adhesion to zinc in machine, plant and vehicle construction Woodwork, tables, model making, boat, mold making, Casting small parts