Protective Coatings.

Steel-  / Hydro Steel  /  Chemical Plant Construction.

Corrosion preoccupies humankind since the usage of metals. Today the scope of corrosion protection ranges from the protection of a yard gate to famous examples of architecture like the Eiffel Tower or the Golden Gate Bridge. These examples show that an appropriate anti-corrosion treatment extends substantially the lifetime of objects that are prone to corrosion.
Economic and ecological aspects are the driving factors in the selection of anti-corrosive coatings. Our corrosion protection coatings are contributing considerably to a long-lasting protection and reduction of damages amounting to billions.

For more than 70 years, corrosion protection has been one of the core businesses of the Mipa Group. Thanks to our extensive experience and our modern research laboratory we are developing innovative and reliable products that are user-oriented for various application areas. From synthetic resin primer through solvent-free coating systems – we offer a perfect solution for your requirements.

Factory coating or maintenance and renovation of corrosion protection:
Our products comply with various national and international standards and factory standards.
This is first and foremost the standard DIN EN ISO 12944 as well as the regulation ZTV-ING part 4. Furthermore, we have approved products according to Blatt 87 of the TL/TP-KOR steel structures and are subject to regular external monitoring.

For Corrosion Protection we carry the following products:

Corrosion Protection-Primer Corrosion Protection-Intermediate coating Corrosion Protection-Top coating Corrosion Protection-Single coat DTM Corrosion Protection-Mica coating Corrosion Protection-Hardener Corrosion Protection-Thinners Corrosion Protection-Fire protection
Zinc Phosphate Primer
Fast drying, recoatable with 2 pack paints, suitable for fire protection systems
Typical application
Corrosion protection in steel-, engineering and plant construction
Mechanical and plant engineering
Corrosion protection
RELAMIX - Paint mixing system
Corrosion Protection-Primer
Corrosion Protection-Fire protection
Cast iron
Spray airless
Brush / Roller
Additional criteria
1 Component
Solvent borne
additional safety data sheets
Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet